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My scouting notes from the West Michigan @ Lake County game (8/5/14).

West Michigan:

2B Domingo Leyba: Switch hitter, saw mostly from RH side. Very quick hands, advanced barrel control. Above-average bat speed. Barreled up inside velo with relative ease. Excellent foot quickness, but overall footwork in the field is rough. Game looks a bit too fast for him at times. Can cover some ground at 2B, but overall defensive skills are raw. Tools are there for a plus defender at 2B, but it’s raw right now. Knows the game, understands situations.

1B/3B Dom Ficociello: Good feel to hit, but overall mechanical package isn’t smooth. Noisy hands (from the right side, anyways). Line drive swing path; swing is built for contact more so than power. Played 3B, but I don’t believe he has a future there. Lacks first-step quickness and necessary agility to field the position at an average level. Can come in on balls relatively well, solid athlete for size. Average arm, maybe a touch more, from 3B. Would really like to see him in the OF. He’s a nice player, but the profile is tough. A guy who can hit some, but lacks power, playing 1B? If he could handle RF, I’d like him more. Right now seems like a solid organizational guy.

RHP Zac Reininger: Had seem him before, and was mostly 88-91 T92 in that viewing. Came out in this viewing pumping 92-94 T 95 for a full inning. FB shows very good late life, can sink it down in the zone, will flatten out on him when left up. Tall, lanky guy with short arm action and some legit arm speed. Struggled to keep the ball down in this viewing, but showed ability to work FB to both sides of plate. Showed an 11/5 CB with good depth and some sharpness, but pitch needs overall refinement. Could see a middle relief upside here.

LHP Ryan Longstreth: Worked 88-92, T 93 over several innings. FB had a little late life, enough to miss barrels. Showed a short SL with some vertical action that he threw to righties and lefties. First year back from Tommy John, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little more velo coming. Reports of him sitting 91-93 pre-injury. Should find success as an organizational middle reliever.

Lake County:

Clint Frazier: Has made some mechanical adjustments since previous viewings. Lower half is much quieter, and he’s done away with the exaggerated leg kick. Bat speed is still there, and the hands are still very quick. Has made progress with recognition skills, and overall approach has improved. Willing to take walks. Will always swing and miss, but he’s looking like he could end up a 5/5+ hitter with big power. Right now he’s fine in CF, but I think he ends up in a corner long term. Shows plus arm strength, but due to accuracy and inconsistencies, should settle in as an above-average tool, and should play just fine in RF. Encouraged by the improvements he’s made, but he still has a long way to go.

LF Dorssys Paulino:

Didn’t see him challenged in LF. Made two routine plays, so at least we know he’s able to catch fly balls? Still believe that he will hit. Showed the ability to barrel up inside heat as well as soft stuff away. Backspun a double in LCF gap. Gap power present, but leveraged swing with loft and the eventual addition of strength lead me to believe that he’ll hit some HR’s too. Very aggressive hitter on anything in/around zone. Needs to tighten up strike zone discipline, also needs to work on pitch recognition.

RHP Justin Brantley:

Interesting arm. Worked 94-95 with some arm side run. Comes over the top with big extension. Not a big fan of the arm action, as there’s some stab in the back. Also has spine tilt present, doesn’t generate a ton of plane. SL worked 86-88, short vertical break. Showed ability to work to both sides of plate with both pitches, worked down.