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Kohl Stewart, RHP

Body: Listed 6’3″ 195, seems correct. Athletic, well-proportioned frame. Muscular throughout with room for growth, although not a ton. Excellent pitcher’s frame.

Mechanics: High 3/4 slot, excellent balance throughout delivery, plus arm speed, good posture, uses (strong) lower half effectively, no mechanical red flags, delivery still comes with a bit of effort.

Fastball: Worked 92-94, touched 96 4x and 97 1x in my viewing. Pitch explodes out of hand, easy plus life down in zone, straightened out a bit but still showed life up in zone. Worked 2 seamer (92-93) down in zone, elevated the 4 seamer (94-96). To reach projection, FB needs to add consistent velocity, pitcher needs to learn how to add/subtract as need be, and he needs to learn how to consistently manipulate the movement of the FB–both 2 and 4 seam–more often and with more success. Believe a plus-plus future may exist here.

Grade (Present/Future): 50/65

Slider: Best secondary pitch. Very tight spin, hard break, showed ability to manipulate movement of pitch. Weapon against both RHH and LHH. Showed ability to throw for strikes and as chase pitch vs RHH, whereas he preferred to throw it to back foot of LHH. Flashes easy plus potential, and could legitimately reach plus-plus level. Shows above-average already with consistency, needs to learn how to make the break of the pitch more consistent to both RH and LH hitters, along with more consistency with his arm slot when throwing the pitch, as he does have a tendency to occasionally drop the slot a little bit.

Grade (Present/Future): 55/65

Curveball: Was surprised by this offering. Showed solid feel for pitch with 11/5 break and good depth. Was able to command it better than slider in my viewing, consistently throwing it for strikes to glove side against RHH. Pitch lacked hard bite, but it at least flashes major league average potential. To reach above-average projection, he needs to throw the pitch with more snap. He has no problems generating spin, but for the CB to consistently play above average, it needs harder bite, which I believe he can achieve.

Grade (Present/Future): 40/55

Changeup: CH showed consistent fade away from LHH, would flash occasional sinking action, thrown with good arm speed and good velo separation from FB, lacked any semblance of command, but the feel for an MLB average pitch exists. With more consistent sinking action on the pitch, it can reach an MLB-average level. It will never be plus, but the distance between what it is and what it could be isn’t all that great.

Grade (Present/Future): 40/50

Command: Super-athletic kid, highly touted QB recruit out of high school, excellent body and frame, repeats delivery well already, simple mechanics, just needs to pitch more. Overall command is very loose right now. Showed ability to pitch with FB and CB on both sides of plate, but zero command of SL and CH at present. Was downright wild at times, but for the most part was able to at least throw strikes, albeit he wasn’t hitting the glove with any consistency. HE has a long way to go with his command of his entire arsenal, not just one or two pitches. However, all of the positives I mentioned above certainly speak to a plus command profile, and he should settle in with above-average command even if he doesn’t reach the plus potential.

Grade (Present/Future): 30/60

Overall Future Potential: Stewart shows a potential plus-plus fastball to go with feel for 3 secondary offerings, all while featuring a plus command profile. While he has a long ways to go, especially with command, the raw stuff plus his athleticism is very intriguing. A #2 starter ceiling exists here, but it’s more likely that he ends up a good #3.

OFP: 70 (#2 Starter)

Realistic: 60 (#3 Starter)